What Are Contingency Fees?

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At KP Law, we believe that your financial situation should not prevent you from obtaining justice and compensation. People from all walks of life deserve equal access to our courts. This is why we work on a contingency fee basis for all of our personal injury cases, which means you only pay us for our services if we are successful.

What are the benefits of contingency fees?

  • No upfront or out-of-pocket costs - We pay for all initial costs related to your case. Our payment comes from a percentage of your settlement.
  • Affordable - Because you do not pay any expenses upfront, you do not have to worry about financial constraints during your case.
  • We are motivated - If we lose, then we will not get paid. This means that we are motivated to not only win, but to maximize your claim.
  • You have nothing to lose - If we are unsuccessful, then you pay nothing to us.

We Don't Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

During our initial meeting, we will agree on a fixed percentage of the amount you recover. This percentage can be more if the case is complicated, involves an appeal, or goes to trial.

If we win, our fees come out of your award; if we lose, you do not have to pay us for any of the work done or the costs we advance. This is really a "win, win" situation because you do not pay us if we are unsuccessful. When you work with KP Law, we will cover all upfront expenses related to your case, including paying filing fees, depositions, investigations, and copies of medical records.

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With a contingency fee agreement, you can be confident that we will invest 100% of our time, energy, and efforts into your case. If you want to learn more about contingency fees and how this agreement works, we encourage you to contact our Los Angeles office today! We look forward to hearing from you and putting our more than 20 years of combined legal experience to work for you.

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