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Airplane, helicopter, and other aviation accident lawsuits involve complicated factual and legal issues, including establishing the cause of the accident, legal issues as to the applicable law and jurisdiction, and special statutes and regulations which pertain specifically to the aviation industry. Identifying the entities or persons who are responsible for a plane or helicopter crash and holding them accountable requires an extremely experienced and qualified aviation attorney.

We can handle a wide range of aviation crashes, including those involving:

  • Private jets
  • Helicopters
  • International travel
  • Charter plane crashes
  • Sightseeing or travel tours
  • U.S. airlines
  • Hot air balloons
  • Corporate jets

Whether you were injured in an aircraft or lost a loved one in a crash, KP Law can provide effective and seasoned representation. We can advocate for your rights and help you pursue damages to pay for your medical bills, missed wages, pain and suffering, and other losses caused by the accident.

Major Causes of Aviation Accidents

Aircraft accidents are largely caused by some type of human error. It could be that the pilot made a poor decision or a defective part caused the aircraft to malfunction. The bottom line is, somebody made a mistake that contributed to the crash.

Aviation accidents are commonly caused:

  • Pilot error or inattention
  • Defective products and Malfunctioning parts
  • Improper maintenance
  • Air Traffic Control mistakes
  • Design flaws

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KP Law has the distinct advantage of having seasoned Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who have represented some of the largest airplane and helicopter manufacturers, service providers, maintainers, and insurers of commercial, general aviation, charter, cargo, and military aircraft throughout the United States and abroad for well over a decade. These qualifications and our 20 years of collective experience provide valuable knowledge and understanding of the aviation industry and insurance market which allows us to provide clients with outstanding representation and advocacy.

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