Have You Been Injured from Ninja Blenders? If So, We Can Help.

Ninja Blender Recall

We currently represent a consumer who was severely injured from one of these defective Ninja blenders and can help you if you have been injured.

Both the Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") and Health Canada have issued a recall involving 12 models of Ninja professional blenders with model numbers that start with BL 660, BL 663, or BL 665. The model number is in the rating label that is molded into the bottom of the motor base.

Which Ninja Blender Models Are Affected?

The 12 affected model numbers are:

BL 660's:

BL660, BL660B, BL660C, BL660QCN, BL660QPL, BL660W, BL660WM

BL 663's:

BL663, BL663CO

BL 665's:

BL665QBK, BL665QCN, and BL665QWH

Recalled Ninja Blender Features

All of these models have:

  • A clear 72 ounce pitcher with a removable gray or black lid that opens and locks closed
  • A stacked blade assembly
  • And one or more Nutri Ninja cups

All recalled models have a motor base that is:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Black
  • Cinnamon
  • Or platinum

The recalled models may have been sold with additional accessories, including:

  • A 40 or 64-ounce bowl
  • A chopping blade assembly
  • Or a dull dough blade assembly

Ninja Blender Injuries

There have been 53 reports of lacerations. Unlike all the other blenders in the market, the stacked blade assembly is poorly designed in that it cannot attach to the base of these Ninja blenders. Even worse, according to Ninja, the blades have "Total Crushing Technology."

Thus, if consumers empty the blender's pitcher after removing the lid or do not remove the blade assembly from the blender before pouring, the blade assembly falls out of the pitcher and can severely injure consumers.

This recall is different from most in the U.S. in that Ninja is not actually telling consumers to stop using their blenders, nor is it issuing a stop-sale with retailers. Instead, it is only giving customers revised instructions.

Specifically, the recall revises the instructions to reflect that consumers should empty the blender’s pitcher through the locked lid’s pour spout or by removing both the lid and the stacked blade assembly from the pitcher before pouring.

How We Can Help

The product liability lawyers at KP LAW are experts in personal injury and pursuing compensation on behalf of people injured or killed by defective blenders and other household appliances. We represent clients nationally and internationally against manufacturers of defective or dangerous products.

If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of using or interacting with any defective product such as a defective blender, you should call the experienced product liability attorneys at KP LAW at (866) 973-5691 today for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights. In addition, you can always report a defective or dangerous product directly to the proper U.S. regulatory authority.