Have you suffered a burn injury as a result of a defective aluminum pan?

Most consumers have purchased disposable aluminum pans sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. These disposable aluminum pans can range in size, design, and price, and are commonly advertised as a convenient means of baking and roasting, including turkeys, chickens, and pot roast. But unfortunately, the convenience and low price may come at the cost of a severe burn injury. Consumers should be aware that disposable aluminum pans can be defectively designed and/or manufactured and may not be sturdy enough to support the weight of the food items placed in the pans. As a result, they pose a serious hazard of burns during use. Consumers should be especially careful when removing such pans from the oven, as they may collapse due to their inability to properly support the weight of the food, causing the juices accumulated in the pan to spill onto the consumer. This can cause severe first, second and third-degree burns.

KP Law has extensive experience fighting for clients who have suffered burn injuries as a result of disposable aluminum pans. We believe it is our job to hold companies accountable for cutting corners in the design and manufacture of such pans and causing burn injuries to consumers by putting profits before people. KP Law wishes to alert the public regarding the dangers posed by disposable aluminum pans, and to let every consumer know that, if you have suffered a burn injury when using such a pan, we stand ready to fight for you!