What Happens When You Get in an Accident with an Uber Driver?

Getting involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident is overwhelming and stressful, but being involved in one with an Uber driver can complicate matters a little further and differs from most other types of accidents on the road. While damages in most other accidents are rather straightforward and the at-fault party is generally liable for any medical bills and property damage, Uber-related accidents are less black and white since there are a few other variables to consider.

Liability Coverage

Rideshare companies provide a certain amount of insurance coverage, but only when the Uber driver has a passenger or is driving to pick up a rider. Drivers are expected to purchase additional ridesharing insurance coverage. If the Uber driver is at-fault, depending on the accident, you might not only be able to sue the driver but the ridesharing company as well.

Understand Your Own Coverage

Everyone should always understand their own policy to ensure they are adequately covered in the event of any type of accident. This will allow you to tap into your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage for any expenses that exceed the coverage of the at-fault driver’s policy, especially if it is an Uber driver who might not be covered by Uber’s policy.

As a Passenger

If you are a passenger and your Uber driver gets involved in an accident, you should get the information of your driver, in addition to any other drivers involved. Be sure to collect the following information:

  • Your Uber driver’s name, address, and phone number
  • The other driver’s name, address, and phone number
  • The personal insurance information of your Uber driver
  • Any information you can get regarding Uber’s insurance
  • The other driver’s insurance information
  • Vehicle information for all of the cars involved
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • If possible, take pictures and notes regarding injuries and property damage

It is possible that you might be subjected to three different insurance plans – your driver’s plan, the other driver’s plan, and Uber’s driver insurance plan. This is why accidents involving Uber tend to get a little more complex than your average motor vehicle collision.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

Regardless if you are a passenger of an Uber driver or were hit by an Uber driver, you should be able to recover fair and just compensation for your injuries. However, it is crucial that you hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys in Pasadena

If you were injured in an accident involving an Uber driver, you have a right to pursue compensation for your injuries, which could cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you are enduring from the accident. At KP LAW in Pasadena, our skilled team of personal injury attorneys is dedicated to fighting on behalf of those who have been wrongfully injured and will do what is necessary to ensure the at-fault party is held liable. Backed by a proven track record of results, you can be confident in our ability to effectively represent you.

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